ConnieLene – KnitDesigner

We are surrounded by all my knit and other craft patterns.

Am I hoarder – YES
Am I doing something about it – YES
Do I want to – NO

BUT I am

To divest myself of all the print material that I have gathered over the last 53 years – I am slowly clearing out. Our house is too small, I cannot find what I want and have found that I have 2 or more copies of the same items – so it all has to go.

NOT REALLY ALL – but lots and lots.

I have opened an etsy shop

Vintage Pattern Market

Who would have thought that stuff I had gathered would become Vintage in my lifetime.

Not me

I had envisioned a wonderful library with all my art, craft, design, crochet, basket weaving, embellishment etc as well as my knitting patterns and books carefully catalogued and shelved.

Not to be now – so out it will all go.

Vintage Pattern Market

I will quietly add my collection to this etsy shop as and when I can.

Do come and look now and again because I will be adding a pattern every day I hope.

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Could this work do you think

f and f shrug

With more stitches in the coloured band it could, couldn’t it? My gray polystyrene model is probably a size 12 – and she just doesn’t feel it sits quite right.

The feather and fan section has been knitted in one piece with the sleeves joined by a 3 needle bind off and the lovely curves of the feather and fan stitch nestle together well. This wee shrug has just given me a great feather and fan hug.

The coloured section is knitted in the round on from the pink feather and fan section. I wasn’t thinking clearly enough about the number of stitches – so will continue working on this and keep you posted.

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new design – bad photo

I know that you have no idea what this is – the next photos will be great but will not be available until the piece is completed and I have my real live model – but I couldn’t wait to show where I am up to. This has been my birthday present to my self knitting this piece over the last 4 days.

test design

Best Beloved cooked all day yesterday for my birthday, he made pea and ham soup for today. He created it not with a bacon hock but with a pork hock. He added bacon bits, smoky paprika and so on to improve the soup flavour. He then created a pork curry for dinner and we will eat soup all day today should it be cold enough with his home made spelt bread.

Me – well I might just knit all day.


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Poncho with fluro stripes

Sometimes you do need grandchildren to clear your mind. My grandson, aged 12, told me I was daft as I called my large black poncho with stripes – “Rainbow Stripes”. You are daft he said – they are fluro stripes.

large cowl capelet black with pinks blues

And silly me, I had even called it “poncho in black, blues, and pinks”.

Capelet Cowl Hoodie Poncho in black blues pink

Such clarity in such a boy.

Thank goodness.

And Claire love this poncho.

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Tomorrow I will be at the Onehunga Art & Crafts Market

So will this Ocean Waves shawlette.

ocean waves shawlette

ocean waves v2

Garter stitch and feather and fan created with Regia Lace yarn from Germany.

moebius wave scarf Wave Moebius

sand dunes cowl

Sand Dunes Connie Cowl

stoney rivers moebius scarf and hood look v2

Stoney Rivers scarf / cowl / hood

and my Forest scarf/shawlette

Forest scarf shawlette

forest scarf shawlette v3

Yarn is Anny Blatt Fine kid made in France, the colour is Foret – which means forest in French, but you knew that already I am sure.

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