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A very nice reminder of the past

Morgan in mummys arms soon after his birth

A very nice reminder of the past and it seems so very long ago and I was very very young.

The photo was taken by my Best Beloved and is so long ago that the normal for photographs was black and white. I am cradling my precious bundle in my arms. Morgan is wrapped in a circle shaped shawl knitted in a 3 ply Patons yarn I think; it is seamed and was the first baby shawl I had ever knitted. It had a garter stitch centre with Yarn Over increases, my favourite feather and fan around that and finished with a lace edge.

It was my first ever shawl, my first ever feather and fan knit and my first baby.

The pattern was probably a Patons one as well.

Thanks to Anne and Pam for posting the photo on Facebook.

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Crikey : It has been so long

since I wrote here.

I haven’t been knitting since I started the red fingerless gloves for my sister in Law. before Christmas.

There are several reasons.

1. It has been summer holidays here in New Zealand and we have been taking care of our grandson – swimming and fishing and grandson and my Best Beloved have been snorkelling. Grandson is 11 and an important 1/2.

2. We have been gardening lots. Catching up after a dismal spring and fighting green shield bugs, passionvine hopper and other beasties.

3. We have also been granddad and mormor (Grandmother in Danish – mothers mother) to 2 bantams and their broods – 13 chicks in all as well as encouraging 2 light Sussex into our flock of 3 New Hampshire Reds.

Our place 3 years ago and now

Dramas of grand parenting bantams and chicks

and the local hussies affecting our lives

I will begin again I am sure – sooner rather than later.

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red fingerless gloves

I had a request from my sister in law, she is an amazing masseuse, Diane Davies Massage & Aromatherapy. She wished some red fingerless gloves to keep her hands and wrists warm between massages.

So I began these, intending them to be her Christmas gift. I found a lovely pattern for Reverse Rib Fingerless Gloves free on the internet and I liked the look of them. Reverse Rib Fingerless Gloves pattern by Squish here

The yarn I used is Regia 4 ply, sock yarn, made in Italy for Coats GmbH Germany; and RED so so red.

I knitted the first glove with a few differences – I increased the length prior to creating the thumb gusset. I used Yarn Overs for my increases there, only because I like the look of yarn over increases. The pattern uses make 1 increases.

I also cast on with size 3.75 mm needles, knitted the glove with 3 mm needles and cast off using the 3.75 needles.

Then I proceeded to make the biggest change of all.

The second glove I knitted in reverse – that is I knitted the first glove following the pattern of purl 3 knit 1, the second glove I knitted from the other side – as in knit 3 purl 1.

WOW! What a mistake!!

The second glove was 2 cm wider and was nearly the same length with far far few rows. I was so disheartened that I didn’t count the rows – I could see quite clearly what I had done and even worse I guess is that I knew that would be the result, I had forgotten in my haste.

So on the evening before the gifts were to be shared, along with a meal for 9 prepared by me, I had one perfect fingerless glove and one imperfect large glove suitable almost for a mans hand.

Fortunately I had beautiful soap wrapped in Japanese paper so Diane still received a gift and I am knitting the second glove the correct way – that is following the instructions.

And if you like this wee glove pattern – do knit it the right way, won’t you. and remember that the gloves are fully reversible as they are knitted in the round. Diane can choose which way she likes on any cold winters day when she is doing her massages.

The red is much redder that the photos suggest and they are not lying on a greenish surface but on black. The colour is 02002. I have tried to find the yarn online to see if there is a better colour picture but those I have found do not look any closer to the cherry red of the yarn I have.

If you are in New Zealand and looking for the yarn and it is not in your local wool shop you could try this website here. It seems that the yarn may be discontinued as cannot find it on the Coats website.

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and then there is this shawl

A gift for a dear friend who is 70 and tomorrow we will celebrate. We have known each other for 50 years – they have been busy years for us all.

The shawl has been created with Katia Bombay Mercerized Cotton yarn – a colourful self striping machine washable cotton. I have used this yarn to create flirty summer skirts before – but this time it is a shawl in garter stitch with a feather and fan edge. It was knitted beginning with 7 stitches and increases at each side and down the middle.

It will drape nicely around my dear friends neck and shoulders and not be too heavy.

My dear friend has beautiful skin colour and the yarn which is greys and greens should look wonderful on her.

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and this wee shawl

Nothing to do and close to Kaiaua tonight – do come along for the auction of creations and donations by the Fascinating Aquamarines group of ladies who lunch. All monies raised are for the Kaiaua volunteer Rural Fire Force.
Place – the Bayview Hotel – 943 East Coast Rd. Kaiaua.
Dinner bookings – ph: 09 232 2717

This wee shawlette knitted with a sock yarn – garter stitch with feather and fan stitch. Nice to wear over the shoulders for a cool spring or summer evening or as a scarf wrapped around the neck for autumnal or crisp winter days.

This wee shawl will be in the auction at the Bayview for the Kaiaua volunteer Rural Fire Force.

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