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At swimming yesterday

Oct.15, 2015

Grandson started his new term of swimming yesterday and I duly packed my wee bag with the double pointed needles, the yarn, and the pattern and I have cast on my first ever pair of socks.hominy socks easy

And what did I discover?

Well I discovered that knitting with many needles is tricky when one is used to knitting with circular needles. That is when I knitted a stretch and released a needle albeit briefly I dropped it.

I dropped it every time.

So here I am at a public swimming pool scrabbling about trying to pick up a needle from a concrete floor. I did that at least 4 times before I started putting the needle in my mouth to hold it while I checked what I was doing and reintroduced the needle to the knitting.

Neither the needle on the concrete floor nor the grandmother sitting with a needle protruding from either side of her mouth looking like a demented sabre tooth tiger ready to foam at the mouth and attack any one with a comment to make – neither looked very pretty really. Getting up from the floor with the lost needle was also a challenge.

But I did get into the rhythm of the stitch and the knitting in the round with double pointed needles in the end.

I like the stitch and I even like the stitch created with my variegated yarn, it has great texture.

And this is where I am up to this morning.


And yes I am pleased.

So far so good.

So if you are not a knitter of socks yet, you too can do this.

Sockupied E-book here Six brand-new sock knitting patterns are included in this issue of Sockupied!

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