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I did it! I did it! I have completed the entrelac circle from Knitting in Circles

by on Nov.07, 2012, under Blog, Blog Tour, Nicky Epstein

There you are Nicky and Miriam. Thanks to Miriam Tegels who taught me to knit entrelac, and to Nicky Epstein for creating “Knitting in Circles” with a circle knitted in Entrelac.

I wasn’t sure I would get to the centre of this circle and had made an entirely wrong assumption before I started – which was that it was knitted from the centre out, and of course it wasn’t knitted that way at all.

It doesn’t look perfect in the centre – and that may be the finishing or my lack of skill as this is my first ever entrelac piece after my initial 3 hour workshop. I don’t know, and I don’t even mind. It is done, and now I shall have to create something using this piece of circular entrelac.

Of course it does scream beret, but maybe it could become a tea cosy.

I could take out the not so perfect centre and rework it so it could be used for my Best Beloveds tea pot.



Maybe not

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