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A timely reminder – pattern to come

by on Nov.17, 2014, under Blog

I have been prodded a little but quite gently by Kristin. She asked about a Cowl/poncho/wimple or oversized cowl that can be worn over the shoulders like a poncho pattern that I was working on. Yes I did create the cowl pattern but didn’t extend it to the poncho. Cowl – pattern to come

I did explore the wimple and the cowl and the neck warmers and all the other names for it that I could come up with but didn’t create the pattern and that was in 2010.

Cowl / little Poncho or Wimple

Thank you for asking Kristin. Life has been so hectic these past 4 years so that keeping track of my pattern promises has not been very good. Hectic as we moved countries and hemispheres, we have retired to a steep windy property and are developing an orchard and vege garden of a reasonable size. We have 2 grandchildren living next door as well. So life is hectic and it is sweet. I am knitting all the time – well all the spare time, but haven’t been working hard on the patterns.

I am going to say that I am on to it – and I am I really am. Thank you Kristin.

What is a Wimple?

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What to do when there is a lot of wind and rain in the forecast

by on Nov.16, 2014, under Blog

You create a large mohair throw

or a very large mohair throw in many colours.

I didn’t realise just how many mohair yarns I had that also happened to be complimentary colours.

Wikipedia states

An afghan is a “blanket or wrap of knitted or crocheted wool”.[1] It is sometimes also called a “throw”.

“An afghan is the knitted or crocheted blanket everyone has seen thrown over the back of a rocking chair or folded at the foot of Grandmother’s bed. Afghans are often given as gifts and may become family heirlooms. Many people use an afghan as a throw on a chilly day, as a bedspread, or as decoration for the back of a chair. An afghan also makes a good three-season blanket, adding warmth without a lot of weight.

Maybe my throw will become an afghan in someones family. I do hope so.

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Estonian Slanted Rib again or is that still

by on Nov.04, 2014, under Blog

It is probably still as I haven’t decided just which edge is best for my cowl pattern to be, nor have I decided which yarn to use. I have decided not to create my pattern using mohair as the false entrelac is a bit lost in mohair. I have worked a curled, ribbed and a garter stitch edge and there are others to try but I think a rib, or garter stitch or maybe moss stitch will be best.

And of course should it be a cowl or should it be a wee poncho/capelet or both?

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How Now Brown Cowl and Capelet

by on Oct.23, 2014, under Blog

I am delighted with the Estonian Slanted Rib pattern, simple to knit, simple to remember, simple to make interesting and knit in the round so it is also simple to finish.

And there will be a pattern soon.

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Thank you all you lovely knitters who bought the Connie Cowl pattern

by on Oct.22, 2014, under Blog

BUT You didn’t tell me that the pattern was corrupted and unusable.

I love this cowl and have knitted it many times now – but I don’t use the actual physical pattern and so I did not realise that there was a problem with the original written pattern that I had provided. The Connie Colourscape Cowl pattern was corrupted and only a third of it was actually contained in the pattern I provided to you lovely knitters.

So if I have not contacted you directly already regarding this pattern please let me know – through Etsy, Craftsy or Ravelry.

Examples using this basic pattern which I have played with a bit.

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