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It’s the job that is never started

by on Nov.12, 2016, under Blog

It’s the job that is never started that takes the longest to finish.

Thank you J.R.R. Tolkien.

I never stop knitting and playing with colour and yarn in my mind, but over recent months I have not really managed to actually knit, well not very much.

But the process is happening again – I have decided that I must set up a room properly and call it my studio (2nd bedroom).

Step 2 is to finish my unfinished WIP.

But that will depend on just what else could be started in the meantime especially when I will be reminded of my yarn as I move it from my smallest bedroom into my studio.

red red wine cowl

pink rabbit angora cowl

marbling cowl 3

coast sands

And just to let you know that I am finishing a lovely black kid mohair with variegated 4ply yarn in pinks to purple and black. It is only the final cast off and a few ends to weave in. It is also a version of my Connie Cowl design, but with an added frilly bottom edge.

And I am doing this while listening to Leonard Cohen.

I am so grateful that I saw him in New Zealand in 2013 and delighted to have his music to knit and remember him by.

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I haven’t really disappeared

by on Nov.10, 2016, under Blog

It is hard to say that I am back, but I do hope I am.

purples capelet schoncho

This isn’t a story, but I do have many to share.


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I have said it before – I just love feather and fan stitch

by on Jun.26, 2016, under Blog

These are some of my designs created with feather and fan stitch.


Feather & Fan wrap Work in Progress - Do you see that broken circular needle

Feather & Fan wrap Work in Progress – Do you see that broken circular needle

Feather & Fan Waistcoat knit in one piece "A work in progress"

Feather & Fan Waistcoat knit in one piece “A work in progress”

Neck Warmer in Feather and Fan stitch

Neck Warmer in Feather and Fan stitch

feather & fan cotton cloth

Feather and Fan Capelet Shawlette

feather and fan neck shoulder warmer

Funky Full length (opera) Fashionable Fingerless Gloves

Funky Full length (opera) Fashionable Fingerless Gloves

Feather and Fan arm warmers

Feather and Fan arm warmers


shawlette-1my designs using feather and fan.

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don’t do it in the dark

by on May.11, 2016, under Blog

I have not been knitting for some months now (since November last year) and while we were away visiting family in Wellington a couple of weeks ago I started a wee neck and shoulder warmer. It does feel so good to be knitting.

Last night I began the feather and fan section whilst my Best Beloved watched Avatar.

This morning I continued my knitting after I had been out to check on the wee goats.

And this morning, you guessed it, I discovered that I had knitted one fan section with not 6 yarn overs but with 9. How stupid is that.

Don’t listen to Avatar while knitting.

Don’t knit in the semi dark.

Good idea.

Now I have to tink back 4 rows to fix the problem and then begin my feather and fan again, but it will have to wait as have jobs to complete outside.

But when I am back in again I shall tink and then knit again

Yes yes yes.

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Thank you Angelia Robinson

by on Apr.20, 2016, under Blog

for putting out a request for test knitters and for taking me on board to do just that.

It has been many months since I picked up my knitting needles and there are reasons for not doing so. So many that I thought a wee list could be useful to me to remind me to get my hat on and get knitting.

  • It has been summer here in Miranda
  • We have had a great deal of fruit and vegetables to process
  • We are planning to move our garden onto a more permaculture basis
  • I have had a wee heart event – all good now but on beta blockers and blood thinners for ever
  • I burnt my hand quite badly and couldn’t knit, or garden, or process the food we have grown
  • For a time I have been just too tired at the end of the day to think of knitting
  • and as I said it has been summer.

    The Kloss Cowl test knit was a nice easy piece to knit and the pattern has an easy rhythm to it so once the first 12 rows after the rib were completed it flowed on easily with the marker being a reminder for colour changes.

    Kloss Cowl

    Here is the link to the Kloss Cowl pattern by Angelia Robinson in her Ravelry store. It is a perfect pattern to be very creative with stash yarns, and it is an easy fun knit.

    This cowl below is my test knit. I haven’t blocked it as I do like the texture and motion of it unblocked. But that is just my taste.

    finished kloss cowl (2)My Kloss Cowl

    I have not used slip stitches in my own colour work knitting at all so I was just a bit curious about how it would work and I do like it. So just maybe I will incorporate slip stitches in my own work. You will just have to wait and see.

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