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and then there is this shawl

by on Dec.12, 2014, under Blog

A gift for a dear friend who is 70 and tomorrow we will celebrate. We have known each other for 50 years – they have been busy years for us all.

The shawl has been created with Katia Bombay Mercerized Cotton yarn – a colourful self striping machine washable cotton. I have used this yarn to create flirty summer skirts before – but this time it is a shawl in garter stitch with a feather and fan edge. It was knitted beginning with 7 stitches and increases at each side and down the middle.

It will drape nicely around my dear friends neck and shoulders and not be too heavy.

My dear friend has beautiful skin colour and the yarn which is greys and greens should look wonderful on her.

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and this wee shawl

by on Dec.12, 2014, under Blog

Nothing to do and close to Kaiaua tonight – do come along for the auction of creations and donations by the Fascinating Aquamarines group of ladies who lunch. All monies raised are for the Kaiaua volunteer Rural Fire Force.
Place – the Bayview Hotel – 943 East Coast Rd. Kaiaua.
Dinner bookings – ph: 09 232 2717

This wee shawlette knitted with a sock yarn – garter stitch with feather and fan stitch. Nice to wear over the shoulders for a cool spring or summer evening or as a scarf wrapped around the neck for autumnal or crisp winter days.

This wee shawl will be in the auction at the Bayview for the Kaiaua volunteer Rural Fire Force.

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Sorry sorry

by on Dec.12, 2014, under Blog

Yes I did say this throw was going to be auctioned on behalf of the Kaiaua Volunteer Rural Fire Force tonight at the buffet dinner at the Bayview Hotel, 943 East Coast Rd. Kaiaua.

All in a very good cause.

Now the auction will have this new purples mohair throw instead and a shawl yet to be photographed.

Because someone I love has expressed love for the first throw and will now receive it as a Christmas gift. Don’t go telling her will you?

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I think it will be Christmas soon

by on Dec.01, 2014, under Blog

Grandson aged 11 years is going to create origami decorations for my tree this year. We have bought paper in preparation. The paper is not really in Christmas colours or designs and I have no idea which origami designs he will make but they will be precious.

When the decorations are done and the tree decorated I will photograph it and post it here.

I hope to add to the origami decorated tree the one remaining of the decorations I crocheted for my own very first tree about 46 years ago. It is a white cotton star with purple cotton outside trim and with a bell attached. The colours were simply the yarns I had available, so having origami decorations on my tree in non Christmas colours or designs is just fine with me.

Trouble is I really cannot remember if the decoration still exists. We didn’t have a tree last year, and I am so hoping that deep in the decorations box I will find it and be able to include it.

If I have it still I will add a photo as the decorations were the first things I ever crocheted.

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A timely reminder – pattern to come

by on Nov.17, 2014, under Blog

I have been prodded a little but quite gently by Kristin. She asked about a Cowl/poncho/wimple or oversized cowl that can be worn over the shoulders like a poncho pattern that I was working on. Yes I did create the cowl pattern but didn’t extend it to the poncho. Cowl – pattern to come

I did explore the wimple and the cowl and the neck warmers and all the other names for it that I could come up with but didn’t create the pattern and that was in 2010.

Cowl / little Poncho or Wimple

Thank you for asking Kristin. Life has been so hectic these past 4 years so that keeping track of my pattern promises has not been very good. Hectic as we moved countries and hemispheres, we have retired to a steep windy property and are developing an orchard and vege garden of a reasonable size. We have 2 grandchildren living next door as well. So life is hectic and it is sweet. I am knitting all the time – well all the spare time, but haven’t been working hard on the patterns.

I am going to say that I am on to it – and I am I really am. Thank you Kristin.

What is a Wimple?

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