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it is harder than you realise

by on Mar.29, 2014, under Blog

Originally begun on Nov 15, 2013

When you make a commitment to writing a blog post everyday.

Well it has been for me for sure.

Now it is March 29, 2014

and I have been reflecting on why it is I am having such difficulty since I arrived back in New Zealand. Of course; and it is obvious to me, whilst I lived in the Netherlands I walked miles, travelled in Europe, rode my bike in the Netherlands and then with Best Beloved I rode from Haarlem to Untersiggenthal in Switzerland. I knitted and did design my own knits, wrote patterns, attended several workshops all knitting related and taught a workshop at Knitting in Nature and I did not have to go to work every week day. I visited galleries and museums and explored and thereby nourished my mind.

So what has changed? Well we live next door to daughter and her family out in the country in the Waikato Region, and that has been a joy and a drama. A new grand daughter, a wee lifestyle block, relocated house, a large garden to develop where there was none before, and beasties in paddocks, chickens and goats, new friends made, old friends visiting. Positively heaven on earth.

The negative – a neighbour, and his constant harassment. The harassment continues even though we have a restraining order. Now if we were family of the police and being harassed – do you think it would still be continuing? No I don’t think so.

I think that that big negative interferes with my creative story and life. I knit endlessly but not with much thought to design or artistic joy. I cook and garden and the garden is looking great, but after 2 1/2 years we are nowhere near where we expected to be.

SO we plod on with our creative lives a bit in tatters – and surely it will come right sometime – surely.

Got to get over it, but a life time of training on the art of living has not prepared me for this stress.

Got to sort it in my head


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Angelicas Cream capelet / cowl

by on Mar.28, 2014, under Blog

Knitted in the round with alternating bands of stocking stitch and reverse stocking stitch and I think from memory it has a crochet trim. It was created for Angelica as a Christmas gift whilst we were in the Netherlands along with a huge bed cover.

It feels like a life time ago – but was only December 2009 so only 4 1/2 years ago. I wonder if we will ever have another family Christmas now we are back in New Zealand.

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I’m rapt in wraps

by on Mar.22, 2014, under Blog

Be they capes, capelets, cloaks, shawls, or cowls and neck warmers.

Some of these have patterns – some I keep dreaming of patterns being written.

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it seems impossible

by on Mar.19, 2014, under Blog

But I have a large pile of knitted pieces – all the same but all different. The same because they are knitted in the round with similar stitches but different due to shape, yarn type and neck lines.

and these are only some of the pieces. My usual lament applies – I need a model!!

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I know I warned you

by on Mar.12, 2014, under Blog

about the blues and the knitting continuously without a great deal of planning. This is another of my blues pieces

Yes it is knitted in the round, and it is long or is that round enough to wrap your neck one, two or three times, up to you.

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