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Sweet & Simple Beret pattern free to download

by on Oct.07, 2012, under Blog, Free Patterns

This pattern can be downloaded free now download Simple & Sweet Beret pattern now

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baby blanket, throw or bedspread – you choose

by on Jul.16, 2010, under Afghan / Throw / Rug / Cot Blanket, Blog

Take a punt – look at those yarns you have – Gather together the yarns that you have in the weight you wish to knit, mix fibre, mix colours – and play.

Choose the correct needle size for the average yarn weight.

Play with the yarn – sort it in rows to see how the colours work together, change the order, check that you love the colours together – follow your gut feeling.

Weigh the yarn. Divide your yarn into 2 piles, with 1/2 the weight of yarn in each pile, one pile for each half of the throw. It is important so that you can see how far the yarn goes as you are knitting and be alerted early to the fact you may need more yarn than you have to hand, early enough to add maybe add another colour on the first half if required.

This baby blanket was knitted using yarns left over from other baby projects. It was large enough to be folded over as a pram cover, and when used flat as the correct size for a cot blanket. Because it is knitted on the diagonal it looked great whichever way it was used.

Pattern: the throw is knitted from a corner to opposite corner.

Cast on 4 stitches
K3, YO, K1, turn
Slip 1, K2, YO, knit to end, turn

Slip 1, k2, YO, knit to end, turn – repeat this row until the side is the right width for your throw.

Slip 1 K2 YO Slip 1, k2tog PSSO, k to end, turn (decreases one side only)
Slip 1, K2 YO k to end

Continue with these 2 rows until the side still being increased is the correct length for your throw.

** At this point it is a good idea to weigh the knitting as it is halfway through, if you didn’t at the beginning that is. Check the weight of your remaining yarns and see if you need any additional yarns to complete the piece.

Slip 1 K2 YO Slip 1, k2 tog, PSSO, k to end, turn
Slip 1 K2 YO Slip 1, k2 tog, PSSO, k to end, turn

Cast off 4 stitches.

Continue with the decreases on every row until 4 stitches remain.

Garter stitch throws / afghan

NOTE: note the decreases are on both edges – so that the knitting will converge at the point directly opposite the Cast on point.

I have not provided yarn quantities – as it depends on your yarn weight and the needle size you choose as well as the intended size of the finished baby blanket or throw.

I will set this up later as a formal pattern and provide it as a pdf – in the meantime – just give it a go.

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Vertical Asia Crossover Jacket

by on Mar.24, 2009, under Blog, Vertical Asia Crossover Jacket

download Vertical Asia pattern here

The jacket is knitted in one piece from left sleeve cuff to right sleeve cuff. The colour sequence creates different colour effects – that is the left sleeve and left front are different to the right sleeve and right front. You can create this jacket using less or more colours and you could also create the jacket with the colour sequence mirrored if you wish.

The yarns used are 12 ply or triple knit weight that knit up at 12st / 19 rows for 10cm. Use this pattern to reduce that stash. In my example I used 6 different colours, mainly mohair but all yarns that knitted up at 12 st / 19 rows for 10cm.

The knitting is finished with a crochet edge – which could be created using any of the colours in the jacket.

My Vertical Asia Jacket was included in an exhibition held in Auckland New Zealand that was attended by a group of knitters from the USA on the New Zealand & Australian Vogue Knitters Tour of 2007.

Here it is – free to download Vertical Asia Jacket free to download now

Colour Play Exhibition 2007 - Vertical Asia Crossover jacket

©2007 ConnieLene Johnston

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