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A wonderful tree

by on Jun.16, 2012, under Blog, Knit Art Graffiti

Today I drove to Mangawhai, north of Auckland, from Miranda (about 185k’s if you go the direct route) to have lunch with some terrific people that I went to primary school with ever so many years ago. I was a bit late having driven the long way there and also included Orewa and Kaiwaka on my route. The restaurant was the Frog and Kiwi, a small restaurant with interesting salt and pepper shakers! you probably guessed already but just in case – one was a frog and the other a Kiwi.

I had a great French Onion Soup and a really good long black.

But the tree, Oh Yes the tree. On the way to Mangawhai I drove into Orewa to deliver a Beanie to Karl and I also stopped to see a tree at the Estuary Arts Centre And it was worthwhile doing so as this tree is festooned with all sorts of yarny things which seems to have happened during a KIP (Knit in Public) event held there during this last week.

They certainly had a psychedelic knit in public day in Orewa. It is a magnificently adorned tree. The Estuary Knitters celebrated WWKIP (World Wide Knitting In Public) day very well indeed.

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River Stones in Rotterdam

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Blog, Knit Art Graffiti

Life has been rather miserable since I found that the great balls of Haarlem have finally been replaced with a row of boring shiney posts.

Last Saturday, a very grey day indeed, when were feeling very very down having received sad news from home, we decided to go to Rotterdam for the day.

Why? – to see if we could get out to and see the great sea walls there, a wonder of the modern world they say. But we arrived too late in the day (at about 10.30am), and because it is quite a distance to get to the starting place (about 96k’s), and without a car all the more difficult. Yes, there were other options, but they did not really seem to satisfy – so we are going on a Wednesday soon, when we will satisfy Best Beloveds need to know and see on a special all day tour including the sea wall, gates, museum etc. They only run this specific all day tour on a Wednesday.

We must do it soon, so that with a bit of luck the sea itself will not be boiling so hard (It is the ferocious North Sea after all) that I cannot cope with the boat trip. Very soon, like, before the end of summer. Oh and I think we are there already, at the end of summer, I mean. The air has changed, the light has changed, it is dark much earlier, even the birds behaviour is changing.

But as you can see – I found another stretch of water, a safe stretch, a calm stretch – a concrete river with concrete balls – and now I am inspired once more. I have a completed ball cover, and another one 75% done – and now I may have a place to position them.

A concrete river, with round river stones – WOW!

In the heart of Rotterdam.

That is the news from Rotterdam

and the next news might be after a very busy Wednesday, I just might need some help with this.

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trees yarnbombed in Amsterdam Sloterdijk

by on May.18, 2010, under Blog, Knit Art Graffiti

Best Beloved phoned me before lunch today – he was out on a short break and walk after a heavy morning. He who never took much notice of the state of tree trunks on his walks rang to say that seven, 7 no less trees have been yarnbombed on Bos en Lommer (Amsterdam Sloterdijk) – way to go.

Have photos via a trusy Vodafone phone – thank you Best beloved.

And then of course because I am a librarian I went on the hunt to find out more about this event Read about it in Dutch here sorry but it really is all in Dutch – and I haven’t discovered an English explanation – what I do know is that it is an urban knitting project in Almere-Haven, Flevoland (an area of the Netherlands) and the artists are listed on the website with links to their own sites – and they are worth a look.

These are Best Beloveds photos taken with his phone.

The photos here were taken by Harald Walker – in March this year. So it is not a recent event, this yarnbombing.

Pity my ball warmers didn’t survive.

Best Beloved walks here now and again and has just spied them.

Trees with designer coats.

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We have had the call – regarding the ball cover in Maastricht

by on Apr.28, 2010, under Blog, Knit Art Graffiti

The news is in – the ball cover has gone – it was noted at about 3.30 pm today (Wednesday) that there is no longer a red and white knitted cover on any of the balls by the side entrance to the Vodafone building in Maastricht

I am not heart broken this time
I am not gutted

I am busy knitting something orange for Queens Day and I have two patterns to finish. I have also purchased an orange hat with orange flowers to wear should we wander about on the day to experience all things orange. Check out Koninginnedag – Queens Day here

I am sorry I didn’t finish all the ends properly.

We don’t know if it lasted the weekend, we only know it was there 3.30pm Friday and today we know it is not there. It could have gone at 3.35pm on Friday.

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Vodafone was yarn bombed in Maastricht yesterday

by on Apr.24, 2010, under Blog, Knit Art Graffiti

I think we have said it already – we (Best Beloved and I) installed a ball cover / disguise on a ball outside Vodafone offices yesterday morning in Maastricht.

Maybe Vodafoners are so used to odd ball things which is why they just walked by without so much as a sideways glance.

So successfully installed.

Ball Cover was tooo Big

We were not accosted by anyone

TNT deliverers noticed. Vodafoners walked by.

It was still there at 3.30pm

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