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I know it is cold in the northern hemisphere

and knitting is easy when it is cold.

We live in the southern hemisphere on a wee rural property where we grow most of our own fruit and vegetables and with our free range chooks providing us with eggs as well as meat we are almost self sufficient in food. We do catch the odd rabbit and do fish when possible but are not always successful. The most recent fish caught have been eels which we smoked and ate.

So maybe you can understand that knitting has not been a high priority. I still think about the next piece I will knit and of the pieces on the go such as my Hominy Socks which have ground to a halt at the time garden work really ramped up.

We do try to write about our gardening exploits at the Fuddy Farm but again we have a great deal to do all of the time that other activities such as knitting and designing simply race out the window.

At the moment we have a new job to do. Our daughter lives next door and one of her wonderful nanny goats “Chewy” has just had triplets 2 nights ago. So while our next door family are at work or at school we are tending the wee goats and making sure all three are getting their share at the milkbar. Goats have only 2 teats so there is a management issue straight off. One of the kids is quite tiny, they are all boys and very handsome indeed. We are bottle feeding and encouraging good teat use.

We are also freezing vegetables and soups and sauces for winter use plus keeping on with the gardening and watering and weeding and planting and preparing for the next group of crops.

It will be good when I have time and energy for knitting because then it will also be cooler and much much easier to knit.


Hominy socks are limping row by row

They will be done though – I am enjoying the puzzle that socks are to me.

Right now it is spring in New Zealand and we are working quite long hours in the garden and I am so tired at night I am sitting rather zombie like without any knitting happening.

I have knitted most of the heel flap though – whilst at swimming 2 weeks ago.

hominy sock with heel flap

See there is the proof.

So row by row I will have these socks done.

I will


At swimming yesterday

Grandson started his new term of swimming yesterday and I duly packed my wee bag with the double pointed needles, the yarn, and the pattern and I have cast on my first ever pair of socks.hominy socks easy

And what did I discover?

Well I discovered that knitting with many needles is tricky when one is used to knitting with circular needles. That is when I knitted a stretch and released a needle albeit briefly I dropped it.

I dropped it every time.

So here I am at a public swimming pool scrabbling about trying to pick up a needle from a concrete floor. I did that at least 4 times before I started putting the needle in my mouth to hold it while I checked what I was doing and reintroduced the needle to the knitting.

Neither the needle on the concrete floor nor the grandmother sitting with a needle protruding from either side of her mouth looking like a demented sabre tooth tiger ready to foam at the mouth and attack any one with a comment to make – neither looked very pretty really. Getting up from the floor with the lost needle was also a challenge.

But I did get into the rhythm of the stitch and the knitting in the round with double pointed needles in the end.

I like the stitch and I even like the stitch created with my variegated yarn, it has great texture.

And this is where I am up to this morning.


And yes I am pleased.

So far so good.

So if you are not a knitter of socks yet, you too can do this.

Sockupied E-book here Six brand-new sock knitting patterns are included in this issue of Sockupied!

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School Holidays here in New Zealand

I have grandson for holidays, and that is fun but tiring. He is aged 12 going on 900. My Hominy Sock knitting will have to wait till he is back at school as starting a new project, uncharted water for me is just a bit too much for me to manage on these evenings.

I now have yarn, pattern and needles.

Next week – okay.


My Hominy Socks will be created with Regia Design Line yarn by Kaffe Fassett

Some of my sock yarns – none looked to have a sufficient quantity to use for my Hominy Socks.

some sock yarns

sock yarns

I finally found 2 x 50 gram balls – well nearly 2. One ball is intact and the other has a smidgeon less. I may have to add another yarn to these socks but I will do that at the toes so that I am not making striped socks for all to see. I don’t think I could match the yarn now as I bought it whilst in the Netherlands more than 5 years ago.

sock yarn for Hominy socks

My Hominy socks will be created using Regia Design Line – colour 4252.

The label states that the yarn is dimensionally stable, hard-wearing, Machine washable up to 40 degree, and will not felt and can be dried in a drier and it carries a 10 year guarantee which sounds great But I just hope my socks will fit my feet well and I also hope that the Hominy pattern will not be too lost in the self patterning yarn. The most important thing for me in this exercise is that I conquer my fear of knitting socks.

And I will, I will, I will.

My yarn was made in Italy for Coats GmbH Germany. It seems it is now made by Schachenmayr Regia

It is a shame that I do not have the yarn in the pattern – I love the colour (Pumpkin Spice) and it shows off the stitch design well. I have found Fable Fibers – the yarn creator on Facebook at Fable Fibers

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