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Crochet Masks in Haarlem, the Netherlands in June 2011

by on Jun.15, 2012, under Blog

11th June 2011

Sadly I do not know the name of the artist and I have searched on Google and not found the artist there either. I did find many crocheted masks but none that looked quite like these. If you happen know the creator of these wonderful pieces I would love to know.

The photographs were taken through the window of the gallery by the St Bavo Church in the Grote Markt in Haarlem, the Netherlands. We were on our way to listen to jazz when we spotted the masks and I think they are great and hope you do as well.

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Story in pictures of a ball warmer without a home

by on Jun.14, 2011, under Blog

The ball warmer went on a journey on 30th April 2011. Sadly there were no longer any balls available to cover – so we had to improvise and found a huge polystyrene ball and covered that. We took the ball on a walk around some of our favourite Haarlem haunts and then installed it in the Grote Markt on a shiny steel post.

Yes I know the posts are convenient but they are so ugly. The round concrete balls were beautiful.

Oh dear, I forgot to mention – installation date was Queens Day, 30th April 2011.

There were many characters in orange everywhere. A huge celebration of the House of Orange which occurs every year on 30th April. If in the Netherlands around that time stay and enjoy an orange wonderland and participate in the largest public market anywhere in the world.

Queens Day 2010

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Haarlem Ball Warmer Memorial tour & install – Queen’s Day, 30th April 2011

by on May.04, 2011, under Blog

Haarlem Ball Warmer Memorial tour & install – Queen’s Day, 30th April 2011

We took our snowball with its orange hat to view some of the lovely cafes and bars that we visit for jazz, blues, rock and wine and good company prior to installing on one of the shiny posts that now stand like the row of teeth on a comb in the Grote Markt of Haarlem.

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River Stones in Rotterdam

by on Aug.04, 2010, under Blog, Knit Art Graffiti

Life has been rather miserable since I found that the great balls of Haarlem have finally been replaced with a row of boring shiney posts.

Last Saturday, a very grey day indeed, when were feeling very very down having received sad news from home, we decided to go to Rotterdam for the day.

Why? – to see if we could get out to and see the great sea walls there, a wonder of the modern world they say. But we arrived too late in the day (at about 10.30am), and because it is quite a distance to get to the starting place (about 96k’s), and without a car all the more difficult. Yes, there were other options, but they did not really seem to satisfy – so we are going on a Wednesday soon, when we will satisfy Best Beloveds need to know and see on a special all day tour including the sea wall, gates, museum etc. They only run this specific all day tour on a Wednesday.

We must do it soon, so that with a bit of luck the sea itself will not be boiling so hard (It is the ferocious North Sea after all) that I cannot cope with the boat trip. Very soon, like, before the end of summer. Oh and I think we are there already, at the end of summer, I mean. The air has changed, the light has changed, it is dark much earlier, even the birds behaviour is changing.

But as you can see – I found another stretch of water, a safe stretch, a calm stretch – a concrete river with concrete balls – and now I am inspired once more. I have a completed ball cover, and another one 75% done – and now I may have a place to position them.

A concrete river, with round river stones – WOW!

In the heart of Rotterdam.

That is the news from Rotterdam

and the next news might be after a very busy Wednesday, I just might need some help with this.

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Haarlem City has stainless steel vertical posts – and discarded balls – Why!

by on Jun.02, 2010, under Blog

The new Grote Markt road edge by St Bavo with the discarded balls in the background – Haarlem 2nd June 2010 – and I have 2 newly created unused ball warmers as well.

Who will polish the stainless steel shiny posts to keep the place looking shiny and clean and tidy? I wonder if that will be the job given to the person who removed my first ball warmer. I do hope so.

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