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don’t do it in the dark

by on May.11, 2016, under Blog

I have not been knitting for some months now (since November last year) and while we were away visiting family in Wellington a couple of weeks ago I started a wee neck and shoulder warmer. It does feel so good to be knitting.

Last night I began the feather and fan section whilst my Best Beloved watched Avatar.

This morning I continued my knitting after I had been out to check on the wee goats.

And this morning, you guessed it, I discovered that I had knitted one fan section with not 6 yarn overs but with 9. How stupid is that.

Don’t listen to Avatar while knitting.

Don’t knit in the semi dark.

Good idea.

Now I have to tink back 4 rows to fix the problem and then begin my feather and fan again, but it will have to wait as have jobs to complete outside.

But when I am back in again I shall tink and then knit again

Yes yes yes.

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A lament for a model for my Faith wrap or stole

by on Jun.22, 2013, under Blog

I beat myself up:
If I was a real photographer, I’d find a way to display
If I am really passionate about my knitting, I’d find a way to show

Faith stole or wrap or shawl

If I was more disciplined, I’d find the model, I’d find a way

If, if, if !!

but I am lacking a model to show my knitting
and I will have to be smarter about locating one

But as it stands I don’t have a model here in New Zealand.

and I have created a stole, created with Moda Vera “Faith”, which is 40% acrylic, 30% mohair and 30% wool. The stole took 4 x 50g balls or about 680 metres, knitted on 5 mm needles. I started with 5 stitches and incorporated the feather and fan stitch as my Yarn Over increases allowed. My feather and fan is over 18 stitches.

I do have a grey polystyrene body without limbs or head and as the yarn is white to dark grey, I don’t think it will looks so great on her so have draped it over a chair.

When I find a model I shall take additional photos.

And I will

I will

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Peplum Jacket or Waistcoat

by on Jan.15, 2013, under Blog

Curiously “Peplum” has two distinct and almost separate definitions. Its early origins are Greek, and peplum was simply the word for tunic. The peplum, a term dating back to the 19th century, is also a short overskirt that is usually attached to a fitted jacket. My jacket is certainly a fitted jacket with a short skirt.

Is this the jacket you would like the pattern for? It has pointed sections over the hand and at the back of the peplum skirt. There is no collar and is very fitting in 12ply mohair. The mohair was black with sections of rich blues and is no longer available.

Jacket Pattern Brewing for rather a long time.

or one of these designs below?

Sleeveless with 2 button fastening and lapel collar, the peplum does not have a pointed section at the back.

Sleeveless again with pin fastening, no collar, but includes lapel flap. (not sure if that describes it or not – the lapel does not continue around the back of the neck). The skirt or peplum is much fuller and longer and without the pointed section.

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Some of my pieces which include Touch Yarns

by on Jun.15, 2012, under Blog

I was so lucky yesterday to find Touch Yarns at Fieldays at the Mystery Creek Events Centre.

What will I create with the yarns I purchased yesterday? Who knows.

If I am creating for a specific pattern, or exhibition or competition which does tend to focus one somewhat then I would know which yarns or colours etc. But if I am wanting to create something outside of such parameters then I do let the yarn tell me what I should create. I have used Touch Yarns many times since I discovered them whilst in Dunedin to run Library training at one of our Dynix libraries quite a few years ago now. It may have have Dunedin Public, Otago University or the Teachers Training College. That detail has long gone, but the wool shop and Touch Yarns were a wonderful discovery.

These are some of the garments I have created which included Touch yarns.

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Terrific Treasure Trove

by on Jun.14, 2012, under Blog

Today I went went with my Best beloved, his brother and wife to “Field Days” in Hamilton. Why? Well Best Beloved he wanted a vermin and small bird proof chicken feeder and a water container that the chickens could not manage to relieve themselves in. And he got them both.

Me, I wanted garlic bulbs to plant in the next week or so. And I didn’t get them!!

But what I did get is a wonderful array of Touch Yarn wools. So many colours in different weights and yarn types – bouclé to mohair, to 2ply and sock yarn, 8ply and 12ply etc – all short sections in little hanks. An absolute treasure trove for me. I am so delighted.

You needed to see my precious jewels, my Treasure Trove. Yes there were many many more yarns in many many colourways, but these were small sections of many different colour ways and yarn types – entirely suitable for my multi colour free form intarsia knit designs.

Oh and I met Marnie Kelly at last.

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