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Katrine Cowl

by on Jan.14, 2013, under Blog

The Katrine Cowl is knitted in the round on circular needles. The stitch pattern is “Barley Sugar”, why that name? I don’t know. The yarn is Rowan Colourscape again. I do love the colours in the Colourscape range and because the cowl is a tube it can be worn with the mauve next to the face instead of the turquoise which makes this a versatile piece in a wardrobe.

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Connie’s Cowl on Ravelry

by on Sep.10, 2012, under Blog

Connie Colourscape Cowl

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Unique Boutique Knits etsy shop patterns are NZD 4-00 or less till end of March

by on Mar.05, 2012, under Blog

Unique Boutique Knits is now reopened.

I am adding patterns as I am able using the internet at Ngatea Library. Thank goodness there is public WIFI there so that I can as Vodafone and others are unable to provide a service at our little piece of paradise.

I will keep the prices at $4.00 NZD till the end of March 2012 – as a celebration that I am online again on Mondays and Fridays – even if it is rather difficult and that there is an end in sight as we are looking at a satellite connection BUT everything takes time.

So far these patterns are on Etsy:

Feather and Fan Fingerless Gloves in 3 lengths

Connie Cowl in Rowan Colourscape

Best beloved’s Neck Warmer

Multicolour Capelet

Chic classic Beret

3 Berets – plain, striped and simple Intarsia – all knitted in the round

Kiwi Cape

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I know, I know, I know

by on Feb.24, 2011, under Blog

I am seriously procrastinating.

Here are the Connie Colourscape Cowls as well as the original cowl in Sean Sheep Armytage. The pattern is sooo close now, but I have no model. She went to Ireland in October and fell in love and disappeared. I/we, Best Beloved and I had worked quite hard to arrange for her to be my model and she was so extraordinarily photogenic.

It does make it rather difficult to add a beautiful photograph of the cowl for the pattern. When I am back in New Zealand later this year that will no longer be a problem for me.

The smaller cowl I am keeping for moi – it is to be mine as it matches perfectly one hat I purchased 2 winters ago here in the Netherlands.

Connie Colourscape Cowl

80gm, 100gm, 120gm Rowan Colourscape Cowls

Cowl / little Poncho or Wimple



What do you do when there just is too much stuff to deal with?

It seems that I knit cowls and capelets.

The colourscape cowls : The smallest cowl took approx 80grams or about 130 metres, My middle cowl took 100grams or approx 160 metres, and my 120gram cowl took approx 195 metres.

Sean Sheep Armytage Cowl in the colour Sticky Date took 6 x 50gram balls.

Colourscape is a roving type yarn with an artisan look and rustic appeal which is spun and made in Britain. Designed by renowned textile artist, Kaffe Fassett each hank gives a single repeat rainbow like effect which is why I love the yarn. Rowan have said the Colourscape Chunky yarn is probably the most unique yarn in their range. As it is blended by hand it can mean that the yarn varies from hank to hank both in colour and thickness. The weight specified on the ball band may not be exact and there can be a variance of 4-5 grams.

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sorry – no cowl pattern yet

by on Jan.26, 2011, under Blog

I have knitted 2 cowls from the chunky yarn – and sadly there was such a discrepancy in the yarn quantity that I cannot say my cowl can be created with only one 100 gram hank of the chunky yarn.

When I knitted my first cowl I loved it and so did some of you. The long colour change in this chunky yarn gives each hank a single colour repeat in a rainbow like effect, which is one reason for attempting the cowl with only one hank. When I knitted the second to test my pattern I ran out of yarn long before the planned completion of the cowl.

I then weighed the cowls and the first weighed in at 119 grams and the second cowl – weighed in at 82 grams hence the problem despite being created from 100 gram hanks of chunky yarn. I will undo the bind off on the second cowl and continue knitting with another hank, and we’ll see how the colour change works going onto that second hank.

I will also reknit the pattern with another chunky yarn with a weighed 100 grams and see how I get on with that. If that creates a gorgeous chunky cowl – then I will publish that pattern. If not then “C’est la vie”

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