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There is an amazing bridal shop in Haarlem

Nov.15, 2010

Why I think it is amazing – It has the most wonderful window displays. Now they don’t change very often but they are always simple, interesting and wonderful. I am not a person particularly interested in Bridal Wear. I just love the window displays and over time I will post many photos of window displays from whereever I have been.

I have taken a number of photos and they of course affected by reflections, and the ability of both my camera and my skills as a photographer – so they are not wonderful photographs, but you may well still enjoy the windows. I do hope so.

Snow Queen, Christmas 2009, Haarlem, Netherlands

The dress has a fur overskirt over the bridal gown, entirely suitable for a Snow Queen, don’t you think.

Soccer World Cup Window Aug 1 2010 - bridal Shop, Haarlem

Everything everywhere in Haarlem and all over the Netherlands was the colour orange – including the gown in the window of the bridal shop.

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